Worldwide Community of Independent Thinkers

I had heard the term blog and even read a few news stories about average people with a passion turning it into an internet phenomenon. I signed up with WordPress and went on line with a few posts. As other bloggers liked my posts and I looked at theirs it occurred to me there are common themes.

Independent thought is the main prerequisite. Each blogger has a unique perspective on the world. Blogs are about what they see, do or think.

Passion for improving the world is the next criteria. Observe, create, travel, cure, teach, inform, describe, discuss, collaborate, connect. Just like life, agreement is not universal on what is improvement. Putting ones thoughts, pictures, or art online may make the world better.

Thank you bloggers for welcoming me to the world wide community of independent thinkers. I will contribute as I can about my passions: Car shows, people, Montana, hiking, marathons, LLS cancer fundraising, and my life experiences.


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