America’s Pets More Important Than Medicine?

Running The Congressional Budget Office estimates cost for The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is about 2-3 times what Americans spend on pets each year. Please don’t call me a dog basher for thinking my neighbor having medical care is worth at least 3 times what Americans spend on animals.


They Call Him Oggie

I ran across Oggie in a parking lot. He was going in as I was leaving. As is my usual practice when I see someone driving an old car I asked to shoot a few pictures. Also, as is a family tradition, I didn’t turn loose of him without knowing a good part of his life story.

He is from Montana, spent his career in Nevada, and is glad to be home.  His mother bought this 66 Corvette new from Tomchek Chevrolet in Townsend, Montana. He inherited it from her.

Leny’s Repair

Leny’s Repair and Service is a shop like the early years of hot rodding.

There is a spray booth with a ’61 Impala. A ’64 Impala sits on the hoist. A metal lathe is along a side wall. There is a magazine rack with Cars, Rod and Custom, Hot Rod and Hemming’s Motor News. Engines stand, waiting to power someones pride and joy. A pair of Goodyear Drag Slicks mounted on Magnesium wheels in a corner.

Not only is there cool stuff here, the place itself is cool. The window sign, sink stand, neon lights all say we are building something out of the ordinary here.

Horsepower Roundup 2012