Tester Getting Mileage on a Harley

John Tester rides a Harley in the Butte 4th of July parade. This is pandering to the crowd, no doubt. He is a politician.  What strikes me in the photos of this event is how comfortable he looks on the bike. John waves to the crowd, smiles, poses with people for pictures. All the while he looks as comfortable as Jay Leno telling a joke.


What has Denny Rehberg done in Washington?

I have been on the internet quite a bit the past few days. I keep getting this advertisement for Denny Rehberg. It carries on about his independent thinking. I am all for independent thinking, but using the phrase “toe the party line” is going too independent. Please tow the line for the English speaking world. It mentions a truckload of programs he has voted against. After I had seen the ad several times I realized every one of them passed.

Montanans take pride in dealing with the adversities we endure  to live in big sky country. Failure in the face of adversity is not considered admirable. Bragging about the fight you lost seven years ago borders on whining.