JJ’s Bakery Great Falls


My Lunch at JJ'sJJ’s Bakery is just up the street from the civic center in Great Falls.

Maybe I am biased because I used to work with his dad, but I like the food and atmosphere here.

Notice the cookie half gone. Life is uncertain, eat desert first.


The Coolest RV on the Road Today


The coolest RV in the worldI met Bob Skelding on my way to Crow Creek in the Elkhorn mountains. Check his blog: wagonteamster.com

This rig is completely self contained, near self sufficient. It has solar power with deep cycle batteries for the electrical. It has shower, coffee pot, refrigerator and toilet. The main wagon is living quarters. The second wagon carries supplies. He has capacity for a 2 day water supply, 7 day food supply.

The horses free graze, as he calls it. The grass is always greener in the barrow pit. Because of runoff from the black top they get more water than the surrounding fields. The highway crews spray for weeds and mow. It is a perfect scenario for this setup.

Bob called the horses the horses by name. Their ears perked up. He said “make tracks” and away they went.

As I returned from my day in the mountains I saw him camped along side Highway 12. Bob explained he doesn’t need a campground. Quite frankly they are not set up for him. He is just too independent for the confines of what most people consider the most laid back way to travel.



I took a ride up I-15 to Craig. Then north on the frontage road a few miles to my sisters place for dinner. This is near the I-15 bridge just north of Craig, MT. The 1981 Honda CB750C was recently purchased with 16K  miles on it. I predict double that by summers end. The ride home after dark was cool, clear, comfortable and bright. A few deer came on the road trying to get a closer look at the bike. Can you blame them? CB750C