Cruisers at Highlander Bar at Norwegian Wood Golf Course

We cruised the north side of Canyon Ferry lake to the Norwegian Wood Golf Course. The setting is part golf course, part retro railroad depot, part ranch. They raise Highlander beef cattle on site. I was told there will soon be pork on the menu, much to the chagrin of the pink skinned critter I saw wandering around the corral.

Be very hungry if you order the Avalanche burger with potato salad and chili. The chili on this burger made me feel guilty. It is simply too good to be ordered as a topping on an entree.

The red solo cups you see in the photo are not standard fare. They have a significant wine and specialty brew selection. As we were all cruising cars that cost more than our first house, on a very sunny day, water and lemonade hit the spot thank you very much.

Reservations requested for four or more in your party.


Roush Mustang 2012 Blast from the Past Helena Montana

A young college student in Great Falls, he drove 3 days straight to get to a Jack Roush autograph event in Indianapolis then back in time for Blast from the Past. Erik I am checking the relationship with my genealogy team. We must be related.

This is his second Roush Mustang. A girlfriend “borrowed” his first one without his knowledge. When he called to report it missing the GFPD said it was not missing. They had a reported incident with his car involved. He was allowed to retrieve his personal effects. It now rests in a boneyard in Helena.

He has done most of the modifications to the car. Supercharging the engine was left to a shop. The 100mph tape supplied with the side scoops is not rated for 140mph, note lack of side scoops.